Janet Heineck(non-registered)
Looking forward to learning Lightroom with you.
Cathy Morgan(non-registered)
Positively stunning! Definitely makes me want to go to all these SW places, although getting up before sunrise might still be too much for me. Your artistry and talent are on vivid display.
Barb B.(non-registered)
What a pleasure to go through your portfolios of truly amazing photographs. I can't say that I even have a favorite because so many of the photographs "speak" to me in some manner. You are incredibly talented. Thanks for sharing!
Nyssa Everhart(non-registered)
I Can't stop staring at the close up of the Buffalo face. Beautiful!
Chuck Thomas(non-registered)
Amazing. Good work
Mike Murphy(non-registered)
Very nice photographs! I hope you enjoy your upcoming Yosemite trip.
lovely-just takes me away for moment!
lindaZ. Smith(non-registered)
absolutely fabulous...i wanted more
I would love to visit the farm with the abandoned truck and equipment
Kara D(non-registered)
Steve, these pictures are gorgeous! What beautiful sites you've seen. Amazing.
J.P. Perugini(non-registered)
Awesome eye Steve. I wanna know where "fences" was taken?
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